Digital advertising is a behemoth. Is it waiting to fall yet?

  • If Netflix, where we spend quite some time today started throwing up ads, I am sure it will affect its subscribers adversely.
  • Facebook has shifted considerably from its initially proposed value proposition. From being the social connector to ads occupying at least 25% of feed, its users show their disappointments freely.
  • Twitter, with around 140 million daily active users, does promotion in a very subtle manner.
  • The influencer model — Trusted influencers inspire the audience, and their recommendations are seldom considered advertisements.
  • The idea/inspirations model — When users are on a platform to get inspired, they are open to ideas and the recommendations that come with it. Pinterest is a very good example where advertisements do not have the bear the tag and pass off as inspiration.
  • Subtle Product placements in short movies make users indifferent to the presence of the advertisement while the product gets certainly noted somewhere. This model is any day better than abrupt interruptions on the video to present a related or unrelated ad.



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Aditi Priya

Aditi Priya


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