Aditi Priya

Sep 7, 2016

2 min read

An evening with the Streets of Singapore

The busy life of a professional does not leave much time to do anything except hitting the couch after office and indulge in mindless rants of a popular TV series, binge-watched till one can feel the brain cells dying…plop plop plop….

In this scenario, it gave me great pleasure to spend a day with the streets of Singapore. In my rare moments awake and aware on the weekend, I decided to finally take my camera, leave my house and get some pixels.
My initial plan of walking to the Arab street, which is the hipstery cool location of the country, but I decided to stay at Bugis street the moment I walked out of the Metro and witnessed the huge hustle bustle on the street. So many people packed in the narrow claustrophobic lane of the Bugis streets ought to get me some great shots. To be honest it made me feel like I am back in India…not to say I liked all the congested, extremely populated and the noisy streets but now I sometimes do miss them.
Coming back to the point…So here are my photos of the day…for your view and comments.

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