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How To Manage Perception Of Your Product In A World Where Algorithms Are Hated?

Scene from The Social Dilemma where the three algorithms are manipulating the boy
Courtesy: The Social Dilemma

I sat through multiple scenes of “The Social Dilemma” as the personified algorithms performed technological voodoo on a simple-minded boy to metamorphosize him into an extremist.

Devil Incarnate!

Horrified is not even close to representing the true emotion of the watcher.
But rarely is one point of view any complete or simple.

If you are on the user side of the table, it is easier to accept your reaction.
The idea is more difficult to digest and be fine with if you work with Products.


Solving the Data Privacy issue of today and tomorrow

Photo by Burst from Pexels

Uttering “No Thank you. Please don’t call me again” has become as common for me as greeting Good Morning.

Offers of Credit Card and Pre-approved loans seem to get extended easily enough irrespective of whether I need or want it or not.

What (doesn’t) surprises me is how many people have access to my phone number and name. And if they know my phone number, what’s the probability that no one out in the world knows my bank details or my credit card number.

The thought scares me as it should.

When I try to think who all have access…

Effective Documentation Strategy for Product Managers

Photo by Daian Gan from Pexels

It takes me five days to come up with a fifty- pager Product Documentation and ten for a six-pager!

It is easy to describe the chair right in front of you in a thousand words.

Try it.

Because AI Is The New Electricity

Photo by Owen Beard on Unsplash

There was a time long ago when the clothes we wear, the commodities we use were created end to end by a single person. The evolution of manufacturing industries, keeping in pace with the advancements, has caused a tectonic shift in the kind of roles and responsibility of an involved individual.

Technological development was once upon a time plagued by massive developmental cycles and waterfalls ,only to be replaced by the never ending challenging lean methodologies of development. …

Product Pricing Strategy as Differentiator

Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash

Attractive features, market fit, and branding are not the only ways to differentiate your Products. A Product can be also differentiated by Creative pricing.

Creative, not competitive price brands your Product

In the world of meter-driven Taxis, Uber won the hearts and the markets with pre-agreed pricing.

The heavy shipping charges world of e-commerce was drastically transformed by the Prime offering of Amazon.

The pay per movie models of theaters was disrupted by monthly subscription model of OTT like Netflix and others.

Among the Products that have created a history of succeeding through creative pricing strategies, the latest incoming is…

Evaluate The True Impact Of Your Idea

Courtesy: Silicon Vallley

My career has taken its first breath in the Tech industry, thrived in it, and will probably die in it.

Working across Products and Technologies, I have listened to, perceived, analyzed, and solved a wide range of problems the users and customers seemed to be fighting against.

In this article, I intend to shed some light and critically analyze how the nature of problems has evolved over time, what we are solving, and to what end.

That Time Far-Far-Away

Those were the days of the Stone Age.

It was the stones indeed that shielded him from the predators, and kept the weather out…

The question that Product People almost never ask.


Yesterday I was having one of those long chats with a friend.

This friend has been looking to get married and actively looking for partners on Matrimonial Sites.

If you are not from India, let me provide you some context.

Arranged marriages are a common way to get married in India. At a certain age, when society starts pestering parents with too curious questions, they go and register their kids (not kids anymore) on matrimonial sites.

They manage the profiles, filter, swipe, accept, reject, till the “kid” decides its high time s/he takes over the search. …

A guide to problem-Solving for Product Managers and everybody else

You look at your watch nervously and then the paper. You have read the question, scribbled in the rough sheet, but the answer does not match any of the options. You are revisiting, re-reading the question trying to think harder.
Some scenarios push you to think slow and carefully, about a problem.

You are on a call with a perplexed friend who has been talking continuously for the past 15 minutes describing this extremely tricky situation she is facing in her office. Almost as she utters the word, your mind is ready with a solution. …

Framework for validating the logical part of your Product

Photo by Josh Riemer on Unsplash

You opened your Uber App and added your destination. The price was 5X above expectations. What? Why?

Needless to say, you are not very happy! The App is broken, you assume.

Another click away, Google Maps shows you that the regular road is blocked for repair and the diversion would add 5 kilometers.

Ah! Now the 5X makes more sense.

Both Products told you the same fact in different flavors. You were happy with one and disappointed with the other.

All literature remotely related to Product management has established the criticality of user validation.

They recommend that you:

  • Validate user…

Inspiration takes you where you want to be


Sometimes we derive inspiration from the most mundane of activities, in places we never expect.

I remember this instance from School times, many many years ago. One of my teachers was trying to motivate us using an example of another student say, Asha. Asha had scored the highest in Maths — 90 in a very difficult paper. The next highest was away by a margin of 20.
The teacher was especially proud of her this student for creating this big moat reducing the possibility of catching up. …

Aditi Priya

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