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Busting Complexity For Product Managers

Thousands of Gears in a machine
Photo by Pavel Neznanov on Unsplash

The days of the Colored Markers and huge whiteboards are long gone.
I realized after lockdown that long meetings carrying intensive discussion were a luxury.

It's a new era of short calls and packed schedules.
Every meeting is expected to start with an agenda and end with Next Steps.

Every communication, every meeting is expected to be short, sweet, and meaningful.

The punch of a thousand words are meant to be delivered in a sentence.

A picture speaks a thousand words better than a single sentence does.

Visual Models are Mental models for the eye. They help you engage with…

The farther you see, the higher the chances you win.

A lady sitting in a bubble looking at a Penguin swimming in water
Photo by Zachary Spears on Unsplash

The world has new masters.
Ones that do not dictate your destination, but choose your path anyway.
We might own our homes, our cars, even our identities, but we certainly don’t own our opinion.
We do not even own the spectacles that show us the world.
Can we remember the first time we started believing what we did? Or what did we originally believe in and why?

Web 2.0 carries information to its veins to anybody and everybody that is connected to it. But there are few who dictate the nature of information, the quality, and correctness. …

How To Manage Perception Of Your Product In A World Where Algorithms Are Hated?

Scene from The Social Dilemma where the three algorithms are manipulating the boy
Courtesy: The Social Dilemma

I sat through multiple scenes of “The Social Dilemma” as the personified algorithms performed technological voodoo on a simple-minded boy to metamorphosize him into an extremist.

Devil Incarnate!

Horrified is not even close to representing the true emotion of the watcher.
But rarely is one point of view any complete or simple.

If you are on the user side of the table, it is easier to accept your reaction.
The idea is more difficult to digest and be fine with if you work with Products.


Why Are Habits Difficult To Pick and Easy to Abandon?

Photo by Ev on Unsplash

Do I call myself a runner yet?
I have been running regularly for the past eight months.
But I am nowhere near to the numbers an average runner has.
I am slow even if I can run decently long.

It’s not the first time I took up running.

I have, In the past I abandoned my attempts in a few weeks to a few months.

My brain convinced me it was the right thing to do.
It said I am not fast, and waking up early is not worth it. It said I lack discipline.
And it reminded me of the futility…

Creating Positive User Emotions For Your Products

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

The colleague who always runs late for your meetings annoys you.
The neighbour playing his music too loud every night just drives you nuts.

The friend who gets freshly baked cookies for you to office probably has your adoration.
She offered to drop you home after you tried very hard to book a cab. You now trust her.

You are shopping for clothes with Anise. She compliments on everything you try out. It looked like all she was interested in doing was to leave. Do you like Anise?
Fin, who sits opposite to your desk seems to be always busier cracking…

All Product Roles Are Not Alike

Photo by Lennart Nacke on Unsplash

My first gig as a Product Manager was in a Startup.
The Product I worked on did not exist. We started from two half-baked basic Computer Vision algorithms to objects.

To top it off, I had no real Product Manager experience. There was no one to tell me how to do things.
I led sales meetings, talked to developers, even tested the algorithms to determine their accuracy. But we could not go the JIRA way.

Two switches later, the demands of my role have shifted.

Contrary to most available literature in Product Management, the role spans across a very wide…

Technology Needs Color, Not Just Shapes

Source: Pixabay

“I never made one of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking”
Albert Einstein

I have been to hundreds of job interviews. All of them appreciated structured thinking, judged skills and dug to know domain experience.

None of them tested creativity.

And later I figured, neither did I.

Why do we not? Is it not important anymore? Do we not need creativity?
Because its damn difficult.

Creativity can almost never be tested.

Its easier to verify Creativity in hindsight than to test for it.

So what do we do?

You and me are more alike than we know…

The Power That Tech Takes And We Give

Photo by Bill Oxford on Unsplash

I grew up watching Advertisements on the TV. And a lot of them wanted to make the Indian skin fair and lovely.

The days of advertising “Fairness” have long gone, but I bet a lot of Indian Moms still look for fair brides for their sons.
The impact that these advertisements had on the impressionable mind of crores of Indians was at least long-lasting, if not perpetual.

Here is the blast from the past.

Complexity Does Not Need To Look Complex

Photo by Karina Zhukovskaya from Pexels

You are still on a high from developing that elegant Product idea that would solve all your users’ problems. But the investment is high and you need to convince the higher-ups.

People working with you daily have traveled that bumpy road by your side. But nothing really happens without the people putting in the money.

You know the unsettling feeling when you can sense the agitation and too-quick-decision faces even as you present the piece of beauty you are proud of.

How and what do you present to get those gazes of approvals and smiles on faces? …

Your Very Own Bubble Experience

In my previous article, I talked about how the current direction of technological advancement will lead to Uber-Personalized User Experience — UX 2.0. But What is UX 2.0? What will it look like to you and me?

The current article intends to demystify some of the ideas I talked about.

Bubbles against a black background.
Photo by Thomas Stephan on Unsplash

My Bank recently updated its Mobile User Experience.

I am sure they meant well.

But well, now I have my screen dominated by tens of icons I never use, and navigating to the ones I do takes me no less than 4 clicks.

Maybe someone got benefited from this UX…

Aditi Priya

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